Thoughts about Facebook

I am 55 years old.  I enjoy my computer, cell phone, DVR television, etc.

I was introduced to Facebook.  I originally “blew it off” as a young person’s thing…but then I decided to take the leap.  Very slowly.

All of a sudden, I was receiving friend requests from people I went to high school with.  I hated high school.  Fitting into a crowd was not an option for me.  I was not popular, did not smoke or drink….I was busy fighting cancer.

Why in the heck would anyone want to be my friend now?  Back when I had my leg amputated, people could not run fast enough in the opposite direction from me.

So, I decided to accept a few of these old “friends”.  Do you know what I found?  I found that Facebook is no different from a high school reunion.  The only people who REALLY want to be at a reunion, are those who have done really well in their lives…to brag about their careers, kids, whatever.

I attended my twenty year reunion in 1993.  Nothing had changed.  Same groups of people…popular ones ignoring the unpopular ones….that was the last reunion I attended.

A fantastic career?  nope, I never had one.  Fancy lifestyle?  Ummm, nope.  World traveler?  Well, I did make it to Mexico…..which is more than I had ever had hoped to do…

My accomplishment would most likely fall on deaf ears.  I have fought cancer and depression my whole life…..I was suppose to die when my first cancer was diagnosed in 1967.   My cancer decided to return to me many more times over the years.

Honestly, WHO wants to hear that story?  Either people pity me, or they turn white in the face and are scared of me.  And the depression that has gone hand and hand with the fight against cancer?  Oh yeah baby, people are just waiting on the edges of their seats with anticipation of my struggles against the anger and sadness I still feel over my life of cancer.

So, I have read the profiles of my of my “friends” from high school.  I really am happy they have had a great life…but, for some reason,I can not help the jealousy I feel when I read these profiles…

Yes, I AM grateful to be alive.  Think I will drop my Facebook account.  Jealousy is evil, and I am prone to it…I am better off NOT knowing what everyone else has going for them.


President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I want to let you know how disappointed I am in the way you have handled the Presidency.  When you ran for office, you promised us hope and change.  After a year, we nave neither.

You voted against the war in Iraq, but now plan to send young men and women to another war?  I do not understand how ANYONE can send other people’s children to war.

Oh, and of course, there is the health care that you had PROMISED us…is all but now dead.

Yet, you fly to Norway to accept your Noble Peace Prize.

My mom did not vote for you and she has been a democrat her entire life, she is 83 yrs old.  She told me that you were too inexperienced…..well, as usual, Mom was right.

I promise I will not vote for you in 2012.  I just may become a republican!

Patrick Swayze Dead

Patrick Swayze Dead

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DDB Brasil Commercial Shows Planes Crashing Into World Trade Center, New York (VIDEO)

DDB Brasil Commercial Shows Planes Crashing Into World Trade Center, New York (VIDEO)

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Wheelchair-Bound Woman Shouted Down At New Jersey Health Care Town Hall (VIDEO)

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Shouted Down At New Jersey Health Care Town Hall (VIDEO)

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And to think I use to be proud of my country.  Notice a lack of diversity at these town hall meetings….and to shout down a disabled woman?  And these morons call themselves Christians!  Right.  What hateful nasty people….all because a BLACK man is president

Cheney In 2012? Some Key GOPers Aren’t Kidding

Cheney In 2012? Some Key GOPers Aren’t Kidding

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If people are dumb enough to vote for this vile pig, we WILL leave the US.

John McCain trying to play nice?

I had always heard he was a pretty decent guy…until this last election…now that he lost, he appears to be trying to be decent, once again